Enjoy the divine wines of the Vineda Cellar

Podrum Vineda
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  • Podrum Vineda
  • Podrum Vineda
  • Podrum Vineda
  • Podrum Vineda
  • Podrum Vineda
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  • Podrum Vineda
  • Podrum Vineda
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  • Podrum Vineda
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Price: on request
  • Location: Vukosavljevica
  • County: Virovitičko-podravska

On the slopes of the picturesque Bilogora, in the Slavonian wine region that stretches on sandy soil lies the village Vukosavljevica. On these idyllic hills, numerous cottages surround the family vineyards, which have enjoyed a sunny climate and fertile soil, paving the way for a long tradition of wine making in the region.
The extraordinary love for wine-growing and tradition has merged two families - Kaša and Kovač, whose harmonious and diligent work produces wines of extraordinary quality and full, distinctive taste. Their Reisling, Frankovka, extraordinary Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon can be tasted in a pleasant atmosphere, listening to the crackling of the fire from the open fireplace. Here, listening to the unique and interesting stories about the area and the wine, in an exceptionally welcoming atmosphere, nibbling home-made bread, cheese and pumpkin oil, is a special experience that is also on offer and difficult to conjure up with words and photography. Therefore, we invite you to tell your story of Vineda winery yourself. Many vineyard lovers are fascinated by the atmosphere, tastes and friendly hosts and they are happy to return.

Important information:

This area does not abound with tourists so we kindly ask you to announce your arrival at least one day in advance so that we can host you in the best possible way.
We are able to accommodate a full bus of guests, and arrange for a traditional meal such as roast under the bell, local dishes from the pot or a plate of local delicacies.
We will soon be able to accommodate guests in two apartments. We offer bicycles to those who want to explore the surrounding area, or you can join us in our daily chores in the vineyard to experience how the wine you enjoy is produced.

Additional information:

Telephone: +385 98 842 471
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: podrum-vineda.hr
Facebook: Podrum Vineda
Opened: upon announcement in advance
GPS: 45.8846 degrees N, 17.2308 degrees E

Podrum Vineda d.o.o. (Vineda Cellar Ltd.) was founded in 2005 out of the love and desire of the two families, Kaša and Kovač, to create new values based on old family traditions.
The younger generations of our families, Damir Kaša, dr.vet.med. and Neven Kovač, eng.agr. planted in 2008 the first substantial areas of vineyards with local autochthonous Reisling, and our great desire is also to plant Kadarka, an old, slightly forgotten and eradicated variety of this region.
The Cellar Vineda is located in the Virovitica – Podravina County in the heart of Virovitica vineyards on the sandy area of Vukosavljevica. Here we produce top quality and superior wines with protected designation of origin and harvested of grapes from the well-known slopes of Bilogora, Aršanj and Klain hill.
In recent years, the company invested in buying, land consolidation and planting new vineyards. It currently holds 8 hectares, of which 6 are under vineyards and with 1 hectare of vineyards contracted through co-operation with private grape producers. Vineda Cellar offers a fine selection of red and white wines of high quality and supreme categories (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankovka), from dry to semi-sweet satisfying each palate.
Vineda Cellar anticipates a further increase of wine production, the planting of new vineyards, restoring the function of currently many neglected areas, and engaging in rural tourism from the regional gastronomic offer to relaxing in vineyard cottages as it once was.
The Reisling and vineyards of Vukosavljevica should not be forgotten and our desire is that this region continues to produce distinct quality wines from grapes of late and selected harvests. We are increasingly present at fairs and exhibitions and our prominent quality is recognised and often awarded.