Experience the Grace of Archery

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Price: on request
  • Location: Koprivnica
  • County: Koprivničko-križevačka

Once upon a time bows and arrows were used as weapons for warfare and hunting only. They have been present since the time of the first cavemen, as evidenced by painted caves where our ancestors lived. They were utilised by all great civilizations of ancient times, and could be found across all continents with variations in size, appearance and choice of material. Today, they are preserved as ancient artefacts where modern society is intrigued by this traditional craft which requires skill and patience.
The bow comprises of a string attached to an elastic limb made of various materials, but our bows are made of dogwood tightened with a bowstring. The arrow is a wooden rod with a metal head tip. For the production of high-quality bows and arrows, it is necessary to find the best quality of dogwood for carving, drying and further processing. Practising archery skills develop skinesiologic motor skills and boosts self-confidence. It is also worth mentioning that archery can be modified to suit disabled persons.
Wooden bows made in the traditional way are powerful, strong, fast and precise. Only very few people can resist the excitement of taking a wooden bow in their hands. Take advantage of this opportunity and experience what Tim Baker, a master bowyer, once said: “There is something magic about releasing the bow from a simple piece of crescent shaped wood. It suddenly comes to life and full of power as it strains and strives towards distant goals. I never knew that wood could end up being so enrapturing.Hardly anyone can take a bow into their hands, without getting caught up with an eruption of excitement and recollection of ancient times.”

Important information:

What to bring with you:
Appropriate and comfortable clothing and footwear that will not stifle body movements, like trainers and sneakers,
non-alcoholic drinks preferably water and foods such as sandwiches.

Important note: Guests under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to participate in the experience due to personal safety.

Additional information:

Price includes:
A brief history of archery, archery in the history of Podravina,
description of procedures for making high-quality bows and arrows,
manufacturing techniques,
presentation and training of safe archery and arrow shooting techniques.

Price excludes:
Food, drink, interpreter.

Darko has always lived in harmony with nature and its laws. Since an early age, he has been infatuated with the making of traditional tools, especially bows and arrows, the technique of which he has been trained by true masters. Each bow is made with special care and tailored to suit the profile of each user. Although bows and arrows seem to differ only in size and ornaments, a true master sees beyond. Therefore, Darko needs to identify the type of person who wants to try this ancient skill and decide which bow would best suit him/her. Here, a bow and arrow is not a weapon, it serves for recreation and is not at all a difficult skill yet an innate ability every person has hidden deep inside. Professional archery is another story.
“Seeing happy young people, joyful children, thrilled adults and observing their facial expressions while they experience shooting arrows and archery, fills my heart with joy and true happiness, and my job then has a full meaning” - is how Darko Dragec, founder and manager of the Associations of Primitive Bows and Crossbows, describes this experience.