A loom - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
  • Handicraft - Ljubica Cestar
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  • A loom - Ljubica Cestar
Price: on request
  • Location: Đurđevac
  • County: Koprivničko-križevačka

In her family home, in the picturesque North Croatian town of Đurđevac, Ljubica Cestar with a lot of love and dedication preserves the rich ethnic heritage of Podravina. With the help of her family she has decorated her cellar to reflect the style of traditional houses of the Podravina region, just like at the time of her ancestors. Here you can find the most representative pieces of furniture from the previous two centuries, antique irons, chests, mirrors, velvets, canvas, mantillas, clothing, costumes and even pots, where oil was once kept, and other usable objects that are delicately stored. Among the neatly arranged scented cabinets and the clean made beds, stands a loom that is not just an exhibit. Here Ljubica skilfully weaves fabric, which is then used for making various items and souvenirs. The skills that this diligent woman demonstrates are gradually disappearing, and she herself or with the help of older fellow citizens will pass on her rich experience and expertise, acquired throughout the years, and teach you the secrets and techniques of making traditional handicraft. You will also be able to hear stories about Podravina and Đurđevac and have the opportunity to see an enviable compilation of handicraft from the beginning of the nineteenth century, which for years has been diligently collected throughout the villages of Podravina.
The central part of Ljubica Cestar's Ethno House is specially designed for you, your friends, colleagues or family. Here, a massive wooden table can comfortably accommodate approximately twenty people, providing a stimulating, peaceful and creative space where you can spend a few hours in an interesting conversation and creating various items. If you want to participate in some of the handicraft workshops, the choice is up to you. Learn to sew, knit, stitch or weave and at the end of this resourceful and exciting day, take your little masterpiece as a souvenir of Đurđevac and Podravina. You can choose among different souvenirs Ljubica has made and find the perfect gift for your friends and family. Ljubica's husband takes pride in offering you a selection of several different fruity flavoured refreshments.
You will be sincerely welcomed in their home, and not only acquire the basic knowledge and skills of craftsmanship by attending interesting workshops, but you will also gain much more: an incentive to preserve tradition, enjoy the fruits of your own labour, and learn to appreciate other ancient skills and handcrafts through your own experience.

Important information:

What to bring with you:
Appropriate and comfortable clothing and footwear that will not stifle body movements, like trainers and sneakers.
Material for workshop activities will be provided.

Additional information:

Price includes:
Some information about Đurđevac and the surrounding Podravina region, about the Cestar family and some of the objects exposed.
Briefly about the workshop and a description of the production process and techniques, demonstration and assistance during the workshop.
Also, each participant will be offered a welcome drink.
Price excludes:
Food, additional drinks, interpreter if necessary.

Ljubica Cestar is the chairperson of the local board of Peski, proud owner of Ljubica Cestar's Cottage Industry, in which she fabricates numerous items and souvenirs using not only traditional but modern techniques like quilling that integrates the motives of Podravina. Her longstanding work within women's associations and many other associations andorganisations has been recognized by the Town of Đurđevac administration, and in 2010 she was awarded the Charter of the Town of Đurđevac for long-standing humanitarian and socio-political work.
Ljubica Cestar has mastered numerous skills like quilling methods of paper shaping, making herbaria, working on a loom, wax painting and decorating Easter eggs with plants from Podravina, making dolls and other items from corn husk, and many more.