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GOEL d.o.o. Grabrovnica, Grabrovnica 117, Municipality Pitomača, the Republic of Croatia (“Experience Real Croatia”), maintains a website at (“Website”) and provides related services under the following General Terms of Use (the General Terms are modified and updated from time to time and subject to changes in accordance with legal provisions and operating terms and conditions).

  1. Accepting the General Terms of Use

The website has been initiated and maintained by GOEL d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Experience Real Croatia” or “we”). By the first and every subsequent use of the Website, you are deemed to have been fully informed about these Terms, they are clear to you and you thereby accept to abide to them. If you do not agree with them, please do not access the Website and do not use its content. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Terms of Use, please contact [email protected]

We may change the appearance and content of the Website and these Terms of Use at any time and without any notification, so please review them regularly to find out about possible changes. The User is required to regularly read the Terms of Use and it is deemed that by accessing the Website the User is familiar with the current rules and terms of use. It is considered that your subsequent use of the Website constitutes your acceptance of all possible changes to these Terms and that the changes will take effect at the time of publication.

Experience Real Croatia will not be liable for any possible consequences of changing the Website content. Viewing the content of this Website is for personal purposes only. It is forbidden to publicly display, download, copy, transmit, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, participate in the transfer or sale, make copies, upload and any other use of the full content or any part thereof orselect and adjust the content without explicit written permission from Experience Real Croatia. If such permission is granted, deleting or modifying existing copyright and / or trademark information and any third party rights is strictly prohibited.


Users are prohibited from uploading and publishing obscene, false, offensive, vulgar, threatening or inappropriate, or otherwise unacceptable or illegal content, as well as those subject to any violation of any rights of any party, and in particular content that contains viruses or other harmful content on this Website.

Users assume responsibility for any damage resulting from their activities that are not in accordance with the foregoing, as well as for any other type of damage that might result thereof. Experience Real Croatia reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete all or any part of the materials and content that Users disclose on the Website.

By using the content of the Website, the User accepts the risks arising thereof and obliges to use of the content of the Website for personal purposes only and on sole responsibility. Experience Real Croatia fully disclaims any liability which may in any way result from the use or is in any way connected with the use of the Website, any acts of the User by using or abusing the contents of the Website and for any damages that may occur to the User or to any third party regarding the use or misuse of the contents of the Website.


All self-sent materials, especially photographs, videos, texts and other similar materials, and other author’s works, respectively (hereinafter: Materials) mayor may not be published without any time limit once or several times on the website Experience Real Croatia.

By submitting content and materials to the Website, you automatically grant (or guarantee that the owner of the materials explicitly grants) the Website and the Experience Real Croatia Team irrevocable, permanent and exclusive rights and license to use, adapt, amend, incorporate into other works, translate, publish, upload and distribute the relevant materials in any form and through all known and future media for any purpose whatsoever and without any charges, throughout the world. The terms of this item apply even after the termination of this contract.

Material senders accept that no fee will be paid for the Materials sent (or may be paid at Experience Real Croatia’s own discretion). All persons who send Materials to Experience Real Croatia guarantee under full criminal and material liability that it is their sole property to which they have copyright. Should Experience Real Croatia suffer any damage due to the publication of these Materials, those who have submitted them are obliged to compensate Experience Real Croatia for the total damage suffered.

  1. Service Use

During service use, you may be directed to content and data, such as text, files, data, usernames, graphics, images, photos, profiles, audio, video, messages, services or links delivered by other users or third parties “Third Party Content”), either on site or through links to third-party websites. Experience Real Croatia does not control and is not responsible for the content associated with the Services, and published by any third party on Experience Real Croatia. Content of a third party is the sole responsibility of the person who has disclosed the content as a third-party and from whom the content originates.

By using the Service, you may be exposed to third party content that may be incomplete, improper, inaccurate and similar. You are obliged to evaluate the authenticity and bear all the risks associated with exposing and posting third-party content. Experience Real Croatia disclaims any liability with respect to Materials delivered by third parties.

If the Website provides the ability to establish links to other sites that we have no influence on, we are not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the content of other websites or for the negative consequences that may arise from the use of these other websites.

For the purpose of advertising at, the User commits to register and fill in his / her personal data and contact information in the registration form. Collecting the requested data is based on the Law on Prohibiting and Preventing Unregistered Activities. The User guarantees data accuracy under legal liability. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, collected personal data are stored in a personal data register managed by GOEL d.o.o.